How To Start A Skin Care Routine

One of the most important aspects of any person, especially for women is skin care. Depending on the person’s beliefs, personal skin care routines may vary. For some, the personal routine involves going to their favorite parlor to beautify their skin, whereas other prefer to do their personal routine with facials and body scrubs. When it comes to personal skin care, individuals have their own passion. Considering the benefits you can get by creating a personal skin care routine, the cost you may payout is well worth it.

The first thing in determining your personal skin care routine is to find out what your skin type. Your skin can be dry, sensitive, oily or normal. Finding your skin type is the most important step in starting a routine. Buying products that aren’t appropriate for your skin won’t work well. The basis of all your skin care product purchases should be those that match your skin type.

The most important part of a skin care routine is cleansing. Using water that is too hot or cold will only dry your skin and will cause damage, so during cleansing, your should use warm water. The three major mechanisms of cleansers are called as“wetting agents” and they are usually oil, water, and surfactants. The oil and surfactant assist you to eliminate dirt from the skin, while the water washes the dirt away.

You should take the time to find a cleanser that works well with your body. While shopping for cleansers it is a good to use a cleanser that is soap-free, since over-cleaning the skin can also cause additional damage.

The second step is the removal of dead skin cells through exfoliation. Renewing the skin and removing the dead skin cells is the natural continuation process. The efficiency of skin care products will be augmented by the exfoliation process. You should perform the exfoliation, after cleansing the skin. If you have oily or normal skin, then must exfoliate at least four to five times a week. If you have sensitive or dry skin, then you should exfoliate only one to two times a week.

After showering when your skin is still damp, you should apply a moisturizer. Every person should use moisturizers, no matter what the skin type. Moisturizers play an important role in attracting moisture from the environment to your skin and then locking it in the skin. However, it can be harmful if you use too much moisturizer on your skin.

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