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Know More About Dark Circles?

As per medical terminology dark circles are also termed as periorbital circles. Technically dark circles are dark blemishes under the eyes and are easily visible. These are basically dark blood vessels which are seen through the skin. The skin in and around the eye region is very thin. The clearer your skin is the more visible your dark circles are. However, not all these blemishes that are formed in and around the eyes are permanent. Factors such as allergies, cold or even a sinus problem is a mighty cause for skin puffiness around the eye region. Another vital factor that affects the eyes to cause puffiness is crying and this is a phenomenon called the osmosis whereby the water travels from areas there is a lack of salt traveling to tissues with extra salt.

Lifestyle factors such as too much of alcohol consumption, makeup, smoking and exposure of your skin especially the facial are to the harsh sun rays are also reason to cause the appearance of dark circles. Other than all these factors, there are genetic dark circles, side effects caused by medication, unbalanced diet and the natural process of aging results to dark blemishes and wrinkle formation under the eyes.

However, you can adhere to some precautionary methods to avoid the formation of dark circles such as hydration, facial yoga exercises, natural soothing, make use of under eye gels, concealer makeup, stick to a healthy lifestyle including exercising and a disciplined diet and finally seek help from a skin specialist. If you are suffering from a chronic dark circle issue, a good hairstyle can distract the attention from the eyes. For e.g. side swept bangs cut from the side part will draw the attention of the gaze away from the under-eye area.

Also by making use of Spa Elixir Cream, an anti aging cream which effective fights not only the issue of dark circles but also combats various signs of aging effectively. Make use of the cream and enjoy its benefits of looking young and vibrant.

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