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Different Skin Types & Different Skin Care Routines

To maintain a healthy skin, you need to understand the type of skin yours exactly is and then perform a skin care routine as per your skin type. It is a very common mistake that many perform to do a different skin care routine even if your skin does not require that type. For e.g. if you have a dry skin you need to do special skin treatments to keep your skin well moisturized. You cannot perform a normal skin care routine. Below mentioned are the different skin types and their different skin routines to help you understand and assist you with your skin care.

  • Dry Skin: If you have a skin that feels stretched and flaky, this means that you have a dry skin. One of the main causes of dryness is a lack of hydration and undernourished skin. Dryness is responsible for making your skin look rough and uneven. Hence you need to make use of a deep moisturizer, moisturizing the skin day and night and a spot treatment.
  • Normal Skin: A normal skin is a well toned, firm and even based skin type. It does not get too dry or too oily. It is a perfect balanced skin and only has rare blemishes. However, if you have a normal skin, skincare is equally essential and hence you must moisturize, cleanse, use a spot treatment, and at times a night solution.
  • Oily Skin: Your face will be shiny at all times and feels a little wet when touched, in this case, you have an oily skin. Ensure to tone, exfoliate and spot treatment and a light based moisturizer once a while.
  • Sensitive Skin: A sensitive skin reacts immediately to certain creams or cosmetic or even change in weather. It is difficult to maintain a sensitive skin because it needs constant attention. Carefully test the product before getting them in contact with sensitive skin types.

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